Welcome to Brown Babies Books!

Here at Brown Babies Books we love children's literature and like to encourage children in establishing and keeping good reading habits.

We also believe in, and support the understanding that we need more diverse children's books where children can see themselves, their families, dreams, interests and lifestyle in the characters they read about.  Let's face it, representation matters!

At a time when there are more books on retail shelves that showcase animals as main characters vs children of color, we can sense the lack of diversity deeply.  At Brown Babies Books we know and value the need and desire for parents to find books that represent their children, because we're parents too.  I created Brown Babies Books out of that very plight - trying to find books that my little brown babies can relate to with characters that resemble themselves among the aisles and aisles of books at my local big box stores and mega online retailers.

And thus, our adventure and our mission began - to put diverse books into the hands, homes and hearts of brown babies like yours.

With love,

Founder, Brown Babies Books