Where the Lost Ones Go

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In this middle grade contemporary fantasy by a critically acclaimed author, half-Japanese teen Eliot grieves the loss of her beloved grandma and attempts to contact her beyond the grave.

Eliot is mourning Babung, her beloved grandmother who just passed way. She’s less than excited to move to her new house, which smells like lemons and deception, and is searching for a sign, any sign, that ghosts are real. Because if ghosts are real, it means she can find a way back to Babung.

When Eliot chases the promise of paranormal activity to Honeyfield Hall, she finds her proof of spirits. But these ghosts are losing their memory, stuck between this world and the next, waiting to cross over. With the help of Hazel, the granddaughter of Honeyfield's owner, Eliot attempts to uncover the mystery behind the hall and the ghosts residing within. As Eliot fits the pieces together, she may just be able to help herself hold on to Babung's memory, while restoring the spirits' memories as well.


Product Details:
ISBN/EAN: 0374313776 / 9780374313777
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr)  
Publish Date: October 11, 2022
Pages: 320
Target Age: 8-12