Year of the Cat

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A legendary race determined the order of the animals in the Chinese zodiac calendar . . . but what happened to Cat, the one animal who never received a year? Rat, Cat, and their eleven friends star in this innovative, funny animal adventure that introduces young readers to both the Chinese zodiac and the concept of apologizing. Themes of friendship, making amends, and realizing the consequences of our actions will draw in fans of This Is Not My Hat and We Don’t Eat Our Classmates

Rat won the Great Race, which determined the order of the Chinese zodiac calendar. But he did it using trickery that left poor Cat behind. Now, Rat wants to make amends . . . or so he says. Rat, Pig, Dog, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Horse, Snake, Dragon, Tiger, Rabbit, and Ox all set off to apologize to Cat. Yet somehow, by the end of the journey, Rat is the only one left. And Cat has a surprise for him.

Richard Ho’s sly and perfectly paced text unfolds an exciting animal adventure, full of nods to the traditional Great Race tale. And watch out for an unexpected, delicious twist when Cat doesn’t find Rat’s apology quite sincere! Jocelyn Li Langrand’s joyful and expressive illustrations bring the journey to vibrant life, full of details that reward a closer look. Together, text and art are an homage to the traditional Great Race tale and a funny, subversive update for today’s young readers.

Every year is the year of the Cat!


Product Details:
ISBN/EAN: 0062976826 / 9780062976826
Publisher: Greenwillow Books  
Publish Date: November 01, 2022
Pages: 40
Target Age: 4-8