Oh Freedom! High School - Part One: Track 2 Required Texts Only

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This bundle includes the full selection of required titles for Track 2 of the Oh Freedom! High School Edition Part One curriculum. Books are a blend of hardcover and paperback, with paperback being the preferred binding of choice. 

Note: This bundle does NOT include any of the era-based literature titles. Era-based titles are based on individual preference and are listed separately within the Oh Freedom! curriculum lists. Please refer back to Woke Homeschooling for era-based literature titles.

Program Marketing:
Our high school curriculum is 36-weeks of U.S. History lessons for teens (8th-12th grade). Students work independently to take deep dives into understanding history from the perspective of Indigenous and African Americans.

Interested in the curriculum? Learn more information online at: https://wokehomeschooling.com/