A Sky Full of Stars

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Set in 1955 Mississippi, this powerful coming-of-age story follows Rose Lee Carter, a thirteen-year-old African American girl struggling to understand her place in the burgeoning Civil Rights Movement. 

In this sequel to the critically acclaimed Midnight Without A Moon, thirteen-year-old Rose Lee Carter had a chance to go north with her aunt, but she stayed in Mississippi instead. Did she make the right choice? As racial tension mounts, Rose feels hopeless. Torn between the opinions of Shorty, a boy in her class who wants to change things by meeting violence with violence, and her best friend, Hallelujah, who believes in the power of peaceful protests, Rose doesn't see a way forward.

But when she decides to help Aunt Ruthie start her own business, Rose begins to understand how she can make a difference. Life might be easier in the North, but Mississippi is her home, and that's worth fighting for. 
This captivating novel seamlessly blends fictional a portrait of the life of an African American girl and factual events from a pivotal era in American history. 


Product Details:
ISBN/EAN: 0358667208 / 9780358667209
Publisher: Clarion Books 
Publish Date: August 02, 2022
Pages: 336
Target Age: 10-12