Adventurous Olivia's Alphabet Quest

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How often do children look at items and think of the alphabet? When your child sees a cat, cake, or piece of cheese, do they envision the letter c? What about apples, aprons, and astronauts; do they think of the letter a? Chances are they do not. But hopefully, if asked to spell those words, they will know the letters with which to use to do so correctly. In, "Adventurous Olivia's Alphabet Quest", each beautifully illustrated page has hidden items that begin with a letter of the alphabet that takes the reader on an iSpy adventure. As they spot things that coincide with the letter on the page, they are encouraged to SHOUT IT OUT! This book is exciting, engaging, and oh so educational!
The author apologizes in advance for the excessive decibel levels your room will become! Ms. Blom, Olivia's teacher, has given her a homework assignment to complete an alphabet list. Those who complete the task will receive free passes to the zoo. Olivia has two words that begin with each letter, but needs your assistance finding the third! When you see or hear a word that starts with the letter of the alphabet she is searching, SHOUT IT OUT!
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ISBN/EAN:  9781941328149
Publisher:  Words to Ponder Publishing Company:  LLC
Publish Date:  January 11, 2020
Pages:  68
Target Age:  3+