Beyond the Isle of the Lost (Descendants)

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Filled with humor and adventure, this addition to the New York Times best-selling series explores a madcap prequel to Disney's Descendants: The Rise of Red, set in Wonderland.

Fall down the rabbit hole…

For Red, growing up in Wonderland has been no piece of cake (literally—dessert is outlawed). Her mom, the Queen of Hearts, rules the kingdom with an iron scepter, while Red longs for a life of her own. She’s heard rumors about an island that once housed all the villains of folklore. A place with no rules? It sounds perfect.

But then the Queen declares that Red will issue a royal decree at the annual Wonderland Tea Ceremony (aka she'll come up with new ridiculous laws). Of course, Red loathes idea of following in her mother’s crimson-heeled footsteps. Banding together with new friends, Ace and Chester, Red plans the ultimate rebellion: a party. Little does she know that they’ll be setting off a chain of events (or un-events) that could change things forever.


Product Details:
ISBN/EAN: 1368081436 / 9781368081436
Publisher: Disney Hyperion  
Publish Date: May 07, 2024
Pages: 256
Target Age: 8-12