Oh Freedom! (3-7) Required Reading for Younger Students

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This bundle includes all of the required textbooks and chapter books/novels for the Oh Freedom! Grades 3-7 curriculum including the book, “Esperanza Rising” as a replacement for the book, "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet".  

Book bundle includes all of the required reading for the Oh Freedom! (Grades 3-7) 2nd Edition curriculum - a mix of 26 textbooks and chapter books/novels.  Books are a blend of hardcover and paperback, with paperback being the preferred binding of choice. 


Program Marketing:
Our secular edition is 38-weeks of U.S. History from the pre-colonial era where Native nations flourished through the present, where we’re grappling with the results of a complicated past.

Using A Young People’s History of the United States (Zinn), A Different Mirror (Takaki), and Heart & Soul (Nelson), and many other books, students will learn history through the eyes of Native Americans, African Americans, and immigrants. For grades 3-7. 

Interested in the curriculum? Learn more information online at: https://wokehomeschooling.com/