Cupcake Tree (Gabby's Dollhouse)

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Climb to the top of the cupcake tree in this 24-page storybook based on the cat-tastic Netflix show Gabby's Dollhouse!

Gabby’s Dollhouse Delivery today is a tiny cupcake tree! Cakey Cat shows her how to take care of it. But when CatRat sneakily feeds the plant extra honey, the tree grows up and out of the Dollhouse—with CatRat on top! Can Gabby and the other Gabby Cats rescue him?

DreamWorks Gabby's Dollhouse © 2024 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Product Details:
ISBN/EAN: 1339017660 / 9781339017662
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.  
Publish Date: January 02, 2024
Pages: 24
Target Age: 3-5