Granny's Kitchen: A Jamaican Story of Food and Family

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A little girl learns Jamaican recipes and self-confidence from her Granny in this warm, sweet picture book debut.

Shelly-Ann lives with her Granny on the beautiful island of Jamaica. When Shelly-Ann becomes hungry, she asks her Granny for something to eat. Granny tells her “Gyal, you betta can cook!” and teaches Shelly-Ann how to get in touch with her Jamaican roots through the process of cooking.

As Shelly-Ann tries each recipe, everything goes wrong. But when Granny is too tired to cook one morning, Shelly-Ann will have to find the courage to try one more time and prepare the perfect Jamaican breakfast.


Product Details:
ISBN/EAN:  125080633X / 9781250806338
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends 
Publish Date: July 12, 2022
Pages: 32
Target Age: 3-6