Jake the Fake Keeps His Cool ( Jake the Fake #3 )

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Life couldn't be better for Jake. He's a student at Music and Arts Academy and a budding comedian, and he finally put an end to his fake-ster ways . . . or so he thought. There's a new girl at school, and Jake would do anything to impress her, even pretending to be a master chef. And a world-renowned barber?

But at home, Jake is less impressed with his mom's news: she's pregnant. Now Jake has to fake being happy about becoming the Middle Child. The King of Cool is about to drop his chill.

Luckily, he has good friends and laughs on his side, along with more than two hundred illustrations--all about him!


Product Details:
ISBN/EAN: 0553523597 / 9780553523591
Publisher:  Crown Books for Young Readers
Publish Date: June 16, 2020
Pages: 160
Target Age: 8-12