Light for All

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A lyrical and unifying picture book that “will inspire young readers” and “magnificently showcases the immigrant experience” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review) in America from Newbery Honoree Margarita Engle and award-winning illustrator Raúl Colón.

Discover the myriad contributions that all immigrants have made as they come to join family or start their own lives together in a new country they call home. Coming with their hopes, dreams, and determination, generations of immigrants have made the fabric of this country diverse, vivid, and welcoming.

This vibrant and timely celebration demonstrates the thousands of immigrants who built America and the importance of having acceptance and light for everyone.


Note From Margarita Engle:

"While praising the Statue of Liberty, people often refer to the U.S. as a country of immigrants. That phrase ignores the true experiences of Indigenous and African American communities, who were either here before conquerors and immigrants arrived, or were brought by force, kidnapped and enslaved.

"In Light for All, I want to show that everyone deserves equality, despite our ancestors' wide variety of backgrounds. My Cuban mother came to California as an immigrant after marrying my Los Angeles-born father, whose parents were immigrants from the Ukraine. My tío Pepe and abuela Fefa arrived in the U.S. as refugees who were granted asylum. Some of my mother's relatives were able to go directly to Florida, while others spent years waiting in Spain or Venezuela.

"When my children were little, tío Pepe took us to see the Statue of Liberty. When my Nepali son-in-law visited New York, he saw it too. For all, it remains a beautiful symbol of freedom and equality, inspiring dreams of feeling welcomed, and of welcoming others." (5/5/2021)


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ISBN/EAN: 1534457275 / 9781534457270
Publisher: Simon & Schuster 
Publish Date: December 07, 2021
Pages: 40
Target Age: 4-8