Mulan and the Palace of Secrets Graphic Novel (Disney Princess)

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Disney Princess Mulan must save the Emperor’s life once again from an invisible enemy in this original graphic novel. 

The war with the Huns is over, but a new invisible enemy poses a threat to the Emperor’s life. Mulan is the only one he trusts to discover and defeat this new danger, but she feels discouraged by all the rules and expectations of court life. Can Mulan rise to the Emperor’s challenge and save China once again?

This hardcover graphic novel contains exciting full-color comic panels as well as pages taken from the Disney princess’s very own journals during her adventures!


Product Details:
ISBN/EAN: 0736444629 / 9780736444620 
Publisher: Random House Disney 
Publish Date: May 07, 2024 
Pages: 96
Target Age: 8-12