Rain Remembers

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In this anticipated companion novel to the acclaimed Rain Rising, written in free verse, Rain is confronted with many changes and challenging experiences in a new school, which will put the happiness she’s worked so hard to cultivate to the test. But, like the rain, she is steady and a force and will find her footing once more.

For Rain, the last few months have been the most challenging and rewarding as she combated the profound sadness residing inside herself and coped with the brutal attack of her brother, Xander, her favorite person in the world. However, the start of the school year is bringing new changes for Rain: New school. No circle group. No Dr. McCalla. No Miss Walia. No step team. And Xander is away at college.

Although everyone else seems okay with change, Rain struggles to open up to her new counselor, to her mom, to Umi and Alyssa, and even to Xander, who seems to have forgotten all about her while beginning his first year at Howard University. And when an older boy starts giving Rain special attention, Rain keeps it a secret from everyone.

Once again, Rain finds herself reaching her breaking point; however, with the often daunting change also comes new friends, new allies, and a renewed sense of self so that Rain may once again be able to rise above it all and reclaim the happiness she so clearly deserves.


Product Details:
ISBN/EAN: 0063159775 / 9780063159778
Publisher: HarperCollins 
Publish Date: October 24, 2023
Pages: 272
Target Age: 10+