Shark Teeth

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National Book Award longlisted Sherri Winston’s touching novel about a girl trying to keep her family together as she's falling apart.

Sharkita “Kita” Hayes is always waiting.
Waiting for her mama to mess up.
Waiting for social services to be called again.
Waiting for her and her siblings to be separated.
Waiting for her worst fear to come true.

But Mama promises things are different now. She’s got a good job, she’s stopped drinking, stopped going out every night—it’s almost enough to make Kita believe her this time. But she still can’t shake the feeling that everything could go up in flames at any moment. And when her dance coach starts asking questions, Kita is more determined than ever to make sure her family stays together—even if it means falling apart herself. But could it be that Kita’s worst fear is actually the best thing that could happen to her family?

Product Details:
ISBN/EAN: 1547608501 / 9781547608508
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC  
Publish Date: January 16, 2024
Pages: 304
Target Age: 9-11