Slime Shop

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YouTube Slime Queen Karina Garcia teams up with writer Kevin Panetta and artist Niki Smith for a fun, colorful adventure that follows three friends as they run their own slime shop and the slimes who come alive to help them. 

Bailey, Sophia, and Jayden run the BSJ Slime Shop, but what the three slime makers don’t know is that when they’re not around, the slimes come to life! 

When the creators start shipping slimes off to who knows where, the slimes left at the shop start to worry that they’re next. Even as Polly tries to convince her friends that everything is fine, Boris, a grumpy, green slime, starts taking things into his own hands. Then slimes start disappearing and suddenly the shop is full of zombie slimes.

With half the shop zombified and the other half scared silly, Polly has no choice but to go on a quest, along with her friends Max and Karma, to discover the truth about the slimes being shipped off and find a way to save their friends before it’s too late. 

Will they be able to turn everyone back into themselves? Or will the slime shop get shut down for good? 


Product Details:
ISBN/EAN: 0358446449 / 9780358446446
Publisher: Versify 
Publish Date: August 08, 2023
Pages: 208
Target Age: 8-12