Words Between Us

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Felix and Grandma have always lived oceans apart—until the day Grandma arrives. Felix is so excited to meet Grandma and spend time with her.

Except she doesn’t know English!

And he doesn’t know much Vietnamese!

But maybe they can connect in other ways—like over their shared love of pizza.

One day, when Grandma gets lost and doesn’t know how to ask for help, Felix decides to teach her English. And by working together and teaching each other, they just might learn to share words as well.

This tender and heartwarming story from Angela Pham Krans and Dung Ho shows how love transcends language and how food and flashcards can bring family together.

Product Details:
ISBN/EAN: 0063224542 / 9780063224544
Publisher: HarperCollins 
Publish Date: October 03, 2023
Pages: 40
Target Age: 4-8