Zuni and the Memory Jar

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A joyful picture book about celebrating everyday moments of fun, beauty, and wonder, from New York Times bestselling author Aisha Saeed

Meet Zuni. She's sweet, silly, ever-so-charming, and full of bright ideas. Her family has a memory jar. Anytime someone in the family does something important, they mark those moments through notes and photos stored in the jar and share those memories together at the end of the year.

Her parents tell Zuni that when she grows up, she’ll have important memories to share, too, like graduations, and milestones, and trophies. But Zuni is already making memories! And at the end of the year, her family gets to see the moments that made an impact on little Zuni.

A deceptively simple story for young and old alike, Zuni and the Memory Jar is a reminder to celebrate everyday joys in life along with the grand achievements.


Product Details:
ISBN/EAN: 9780593618950
Publisher: Kokila 
Publish Date:  June 11, 2024
Pages: 40
Target Age: 4-8